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Lummi CDFI: New Board Members

The Lummi Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) has two new Board Members and a new Loan Committee Members, as of June 2016. Our organization is excited to bring all three members aboard: Ellie Wilbur (Board Secretary), John McCoy (Board Member), and Elden Hillaire (Loan Committee Member).

Both Lummi Tribal Members, Mr. Hillaire and also Ms. Wilbur are on the Lummi Fisheries Commission that has extensive knowledge of Lummi Fisheries and Lummi Nation Community. Mr. Hillaire has sat on many boards and commissions within the Lummi Nation and who also was a former LIBC Member & Treasurer of the tribe. Ms. Wilbur works for Lummi Tribal Health Center as the Patient Benefits Supervisor Lead and who is also a Lummi Fisher Woman (Commercial Fisheries and Crabbing). Both have knowledge in financial management and working with number and generating revenues to help serve the Lummi Nation Community.

Mr. McCoy is the Washington State Senator of the the 38th District, in Tulalip, Washington. Mr. McCoy has an extensive background in Computer Science and public policy within Washington State. He was also the former General Manager of the Quil Ceda Village and building up the economic development for the Tulalip Tribe. He has served withe United States Air Force for 20 years and retired in 1981 with extensive training in computer operations and programming. He worked as a computer technician in the White House from 1982 to 1985. John then went on to management in the private sector, continuing his career in computer programming and operations. He returned to his home state almost two decades back to help bring the Tulalip community into the digital world. He is currently an active member many national committees.

With all of their expertise, CDFI is proud to welcome them to our team.

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