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In 2005, Lummi Nation adopted the Lummi Nation Ventures Program (the plan is also known as the "Butterfly Book") that was supported by the Northwest Area Foundation to promote prosperity within Lummi Nation community. Of the $6M dollars, Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending (PNTL), formerly Lummi CDFI, was a strategic partner that help allocate $1.25M dollars over a period of 10 years to help build prosperity within the community through a financial tool of what is known as a "Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)" for purposes of lending out micro and small business loans to Lummi Nation tribal members. In 2015, we adopted one of the six strategies, called the "Economic Development Vision" (under "Vision & Strategies" chapter) strategy to "develop tribal and individually owned businesses and employment opportunities in way that build individual and community skills and assets, creating a ladder out of poverty and economic stability". In August of 2016, the Ventures program ended; however, the vision of over 1,500 Lummi Tribal Members still remains.

To the right and in corresponding order, here are each of the Butterfly Book's chapters.

Promoting Prosperity with the:

Lummi Nation Ventures Program


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