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Executive Director / Success Coach

Nancy Jordan, MCD

Executive Director/Capacity Developer/Success Coach

Nancy’s professional leadership began through her early years on the family farm and as an agricultural commercial lender/appraiser with Farm Credit Service. Experience as a non-profit executive in economic development expanded her mastery in finance, organization management and community development.

As co-owner of their small family business, Sound Wise Studios, Inc., Ms. Jordan has experienced the process of business startup as well as periods of expansion and contraction. She has been instrumental in building capacity of their business and the many interns/apprentices and start-ups they have teamed with. 

Ms. Jordan provides Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending with a depth of understanding of finance and organizational management, and cultural awareness that supports the growth, development and mentoring needed to strengthen leadership capacity. A lifelong learner, Nancy completed her Masters degree in Community Development Policy & Practice through University of New Hampshire in 2021. In her spare time, she enjoys working with her family in building their production company, gardening and hosting activities for people with disabilities.

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Financial Trainer / Success Coach

Adib Jamshedi

Financial Trainer/Success Coach

"I speak your language: The language of the minority, the owner of poor credit, the one without the plan, the young, old or middle aged person. The language of the student, or teacher. The language of the fisher folk, the artist, the writer, and the musician. The language of the searcher, the hunter, the discoverer, the inventor or dreamer. The language of the novice or expert. I learnt this language from you, the entrepreneur.  Let’s continue."

Adib has been instrumental in the Lummi Nation community getting to know the Native American people learning from them, but also teaching them via being either employed through the Lummi Venture's Plan (for 10+ years) and now with CDFI. He also currently teaches at Northwest Indian College (NWIC) as an instructor to many Native American peoples locally and from afar. 

He calls himself the "real Indian" from Pakistan originally. He passion is his family and community. Adib is full of humility and grace, and most of all is enjoyable company to be around because of his light heartedness and humor. He makes all feel welcome.


Director of Lending

Fred Eningowuk

Director of Lending

“My desire and intentions are to serve tribal individuals and families and utilize my managerial and fiscal experience to help them develop economic prosperity. I strive to provide a perspective that encompasses a broad view in not just the decision-making process, but to ensure we’re well-versed in matters that impact the tribal community in preserving our valued traditions and culture.”

Fred brings his extensive background in professional financial and management experience to this position where he will oversee the management of our lending programs and loan portfolio. He will work directly with our Native clients to assist in the preparation, evaluation, and closing of applications. 

Fred renews his energy by playing basketball, running, and hiking, as well as fishing, crabbing and hunting wild game. He’s an advocate on the Lummi Reservation helping youth focus on healthy lifestyles and suicide prevention. 


Office Manager / Loan Closer

Debora Miller

Office Manager / Loan Closer
Technical Assistance Trainer for Small Business Incubation

Her role with Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending keeps everything rolling as smooth as possible.  She is responsible for making appointments with the other staff and to great each visitor with a smile and helpful attitude. Deb is QuickBooks Certified through the Whatcom Community College, and obtaining her Certification in Financial Management for Non-Profits.


Deb is currently assisting the loan officer with loan documentation and paperwork, and getting to know the clients on a more personal basis.  Deb has learned over the years with CDFI just how difficult it can be to have success out in the real world.  She enjoys spending time learning more and more about Native communities and the needs of the communities.

When Deb isn’t working, she likes to spend her time with her husband Mitch and their Hot Rod Cars, going to Car Shows throughout the County and spending time with their grandkids in the pool. Debora has a daughter, Ashley and a son, Kelly, along with 2 step daughters, Melissa and Nikki.  She is blessed with 2 grandkids, Peyton and Nick, and 2 step grandkids, Noah and Marley.

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