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Loan Application & Documents

Individual Development Accounts (IDA) Program

Apply for Technical Assistance or a Loan

To apply for a loan please fill out the application forms to the right. You can either upload them below, email them to, or stop by the office to hand-deliver to: 12 Bellwether Way, Suite 224 (2nd Floor), Bellingham, WA. 98225. 

We are currently accepting applications for our Small Dollar Loan Program. We encourage applicants from Northwest Washington tribes to apply to help start or grow a business. Program details:

  • Loans up to $2500

  • Loan repayment in installments with no prepayment penalties

  • Includes technical assistance and coaching

  • Loan product tied with Individual Development Account (IDA) savings program, encouraged and when applicable

Thank you, Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending (formerly Lummi CDFI)

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