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IDAs- Individual Development Accounts

Applications are Closed at this time.  Watch for updates for next opening!



Program Overview for IDA Pilot Project

The purpose of the IDA program is to help individuals and families develop personal money management skills, purchase an “asset”, and save with the incentive of matching dollars.


You can save for any of the following track areas:

  • Home – ie repairs, downpayment, etc.

  • Small Business – start-up, expansion, money down for a business loan, etc.

  • Education – tuition, books, travel, etc.

  • Rebuilding Credit – establishing new credit, repairing debt, etc.

Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending, previously Lummi CDFI, will match your savings with $1 for every $1 you save *possibly $2 to $1, which is

dependent on the avilability of funding. Individual participants will be allowed to save a minimum of $41.67 to a maximum of $166.67 of earned income per month, for a term of 6 to 24 months. This will give you a total of $2,000 to use towards your “asset”. All deposits to the IDA savings accounts must be from EARNED INCOME sources.

You must be enrolled in the program for a minimum of 6 months and no longer than 2 years.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be within LCDFIs Target Market (TM)

  • Must be employed – full time or part time or other verifiable source of income.

Documentation Checklist (required):

Please bring the following to your IDA appointment:

  • Picture ID

  • Certificate of Indian Blood, if applicable.

  • Copies of last 2 paycheck stubs or letter of hire

  • Copies of signed income taxes.

    • If you did not file, please contact the IRS.

  • Recipients should request a print out of their benefits, if necessary.

  • Information regarding your assets.

    • Value of homes, real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, IRA’s, stocks,

  • Other investments

  • Information regarding your liabilities:

    • Balances on any loans, credit card balances, listing of all debts (include student loans, medical, dental bills etc.)

Your first appointment will be with the IDA Specialist and should last approximately 1 hour. During this appointment you will complete the IDA program documents.

a. You must fill out a credit check authorization form for a credit check for review at your next IDA appointment.

b. You must fill out IDA Application and General Intake Form


After your application has been processed and approved for enrollment into the program, we will notify you and schedule your 2nd appointment. This appointment will be with the IDA Specialist.

a. Review Credit Report.

b. Based on your General Intake Form, the Business Trainer/Success Coach will help prepare your financial education plan using the Business Coach Checklist, which must be signed when each course is fully completed. 

c. Also, the Business Trainer/Success Coach will also help you prepare a budget.

d. If you are a "Financial Fitness" track participant, each month you will need to check-in with the Lummi Fitness Center's Certified Trainer (Anna Finkbonner) @ 360-384-2274 and also Lummi Clinic's Nutritionist, Monica Sullier @ and phone 360-380-6936; they will recommend health/exercise activities (a minimum of 2 per week) and nutrition classes (a minimum on 1 per month). *all commitment activities must be completed and turned into Lummi Fitness Center before match dollars are applied to your IDA account. Fitness Center will send our IDA Manager your monthly commitment sheet.

After these appointments, you will be ready to open your IDA savings account at identified partnering banks.

Then we will set up a schedule for the Financial Education Classes. These are require; however, if they time does not fit with your schedule due to work, please coordinate for other times with the IDA Specialist. You will also be required to participate in training that relates specifically to the “asset” you have chosen. These

classes/workshops will happen after you have been saving for a while and are closer to purchasing your “asset”.

Contact Information

Please feel free to call 360-594-6005 for further information. You can also email Gloria

Point, Adminstrative Financial Trainer for Small Business & Success Coach, @

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