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Financial Trainer/Success Coach


Works with clients one-on-one to understand the best financial pathway forward, entreprenuership, & investments.


Capacity Developer/Success Coach


Community/Economic Development background, with many years of rural banking and nonprofit advisor.


Loan Officer/Success Coach


Works with clients on business development, strategy, coaching, and underwriting loans.

Frances [Lane] James
"Che top ie"
“Weaving together the fabric of our lives,”
Che top ie

Technical Assistance

Our Native CDFI organization welcomes all Native American peoples in our region that are interested furthering their financial goals and skills. Technical Assistance to us at CDFI are tools. The tools we provide are: financial Success Coaches to have trusted conversations, financial education to build skill-sets, and financial products to successfully build assets (i.e. Loans, Individual Development Accounts, or other). Using a confidential and welcoming approach, our team of Success Coaches provide a secure place to meet clients at the level they are at. 

Our clients have access to some of the best Success Coaches that understand community and have experience working within Native communities. Areas of focus are business and personal financial health through individual and entity development and goals, all of which are providing jobs within Indian Country. We believe that all clients are unique and at various stages of learning and development. Over the years, our Coaches have found that some clients do best one-on-one, while others are much better in a interactive social setting with multiple clients that share common areas of interests, such as in a classroom and workshop setting. 

Training and Education

We provide technical assistance, one-on-one counseling, a computer resource center with business software including access to the Internet for research, QuickBooks, Word, Excel and other commonly used programs, and workshops on specific areas of interest such as record keeping and bookkeeping, marketing, inventory management, product pricing, creating agreements with other vendors for value-added products, insurance and legal, hiring employees/contractors, etc. We also offer a locally controlled, community-responsive resource for credit and other financial services to support asset-based development in Native communities.

"Tools" - Some of the key areas we focus on with our clients are:

  • Job creation/retention

  • building assets through smart investing

  • looking at changing old spending habits and addressing its realities

  • opening the doors and looking at potential business opportunities.

  • Loans – Micro, Small Business and Credit Builder

  • One-On-One Business Counseling

  • Skills Development and Training

  • Specific business topics and start-up “Indianpreneurship” workshops

  • Computer Resource Center and Library

  • Individual Development Accounts for savings

  • Credit Builder loans

  • Referrals and support with other asset building resources and/or entities

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