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An Entrepreneurial Journey

Jean's Gift Shop

Jean Cultee, a Lummi Native from a fishing family, showcased entrepreneurial drive early on by purchasing her own skiff to fish in the river.


In 2005, she launched a flower arrangement business with just $16, but allergies led her to switch gears, selling wool blankets for the Tribal Canoe Journey, Paddle to Lummi in 2007.


Expanding her inventory, she operated out of her garage, eventually evolving into Jean’s Gift Shop. Connecting with Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending, she learned business operations, built credit, and secured a loan for growing her inventory. “Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending played a big part in helping me make my business what it is today!”


Jean furthered her skills with accounting and other small business classes at Northwest Indian College, eventually moving her thriving business into a dedicated building. Alongside her shop, Jean and her daughter travel to other tribes, powwows, and canoe journeys, vending blankets, chairs, mugs, and gifts.

Jean's Gift Shop can be found at ..... Or, call Jean at 360-220-1148.

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