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People & Businesses Fueling a Thriving & Sustainable Native Economy

Join us in celebrating the inspiring narratives of Indigenous entrepreneurs who have forged their paths to success and continue to inspire us. These are the stories of our northwest Washington visionaries and their resilience, innovation, and cultural heritage in business.


Using Art to Tell a Story
Chi Qui - Yolanda Felix-Wilbur

Using art to tell a story has been a part of Native culture since time immemorial. Yolanda Felix-Wilbur creates immersive art installations to tell the story of Native peoples. A PNTL loan launched her mobile art studio. Her artistic journey is a fascinating story that continues to transform and develop. Use quote as graphic along with art pics: “PNTL is first and foremost among financial institutions. The ability to learn, prosper, and grow is unique, and you won’t find it anywhere else.” Read more about her journey...

Jean's Gift Shop - Jean Cultee

Jean Cultee, a Lummi Native, started her entrepreneurial journey buying and fishing in her own skiff before establishing Jean’s Gift Shop, specializing in wool blankets for tribal events. Technical and financial support from Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending helped expand her business skills and extend her market reach to other tribes, powwows, and canoe journeys. Read more about her journey…


Puget Sound Power Wash -Anthony Galler

Anthony worked as a diver on a fishing boat before being inspired to start his own power wash business. He put up yard signs, created a Google My Business website and started bringing in jobs. His need for additional equipment led him to Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending for a micro loan. Covid created challenges for his business but his tenacity and thinking outside the box has helped his business grow with last year was the biggest by far. 

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