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An Entrepreneurial Journey

Puget Sound Power Wash

Anthony worked as a diver on a fishing boat before being inspired to start his own power wash business. He put up yard signs, created a Google My Business website and started bringing in jobs. His need for additional equipment led him to Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending for a micro loan. Covid created challenges for his business but his tenacity and thinking outside the box has helped his business grow with last year was the biggest by far. 

He's taking advantage of a displaced fishermen program to train and become certified to clean kitchen ventilation systems for restaurants, expanding his power wash services. He'll be able to get his business registered as an approved vendor to procure Native and government contracts.  

Anthony's entrepreneurial spirit continues to fuel his business growth. 

"They {PNTL} are great and awesome and have been there for me all the way. They are super easy to work with and understanding when things get tough. If they weren’t there I probably wouldn’t have made it."

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