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2014 NACA TA Grant Awarded To Lummi CDFI, 501 (c) (3)

Lummi CDFI recieved Technical Assistance (TA) grant for fiscal year 2014 Native American CDFI Assistance (NACA) Program under the U.S. Department of Treasury. The total award is $149,961. The use of funds will be used to increase our organizational capacity goals to better serve our target market and to continue our good work in alignment with our orginal mission.

Throught the NACA Program, the CDFI Fund provides funding to build the community development capacity of Certified Native CDFI's, Emerging Native CDFI's, and Sponsoring Entities, and to increase access to capital in Native Communities, which is offer in ways Financial Assistance (FA) awards up to $1 million (for 2015 NACA round) or Technical Assistance (TA) grants up to $150,000 dollars.

  • Financial Assistance (FA) awards - The awards are made in the form of loans, grants, deposits, and equity investments to support the Certified Native CDFIs financing activities, and require the Awardee to match the CDFI Fund's award dollar-for-dollar with funds from a non-Federal source.

  • Technical Assistance (TA) grants - TA grants are offered to Certified Native CDFIs, Emerging Native CDFIs, and Sponsoring Entities. Awardees may use TA dollars to increase their capacity to serve Native Communities and/or to create or become certified Native CDFIs.

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