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Social Media Tips for Small Business

Nearly 315 million people in the US use social media. Many use it to research products and services. It’s a wonderful (and inexpensive) platform to promote your business. Create a strategy, be consistent, focus on content to connect with your audience and engage.

Social media is a low-cost strategy to increase your brand awareness and connect with future clients and customers. It's an opportunity to tell your story, drive traffic to your website, promote products and services, and connect with your current and future customers. Here are a few tips for social media success:

Be Consistent - Post high quality content on a regular basis (at least once a week). This will help you build trust with your followers and establish a bond with your brand.

Use Images & Video - The phone in your hand has capabilities that we never dreamed of a few years ago. Use your phone to capture photos and videos of your products or services in use, create live streams about your product highlights,

Choose Your Platforms - You don't need to be everywhere all at once. It takes time to manage an account on every single platform out there. Most businesses get more return on their investment from Facebook and Instagram. However, you need to know your audience and be where they are. If your audience is younger, you might focus your efforts on TikTok. Or, if you're marketing business-to-business, consider LinkedIn as your primary platform.

Engage - Respond to comments and reviews. It makes your followers feel valued and heard.

Create a Posting Calendar - A social media calendar is a great way to plan ahead and helps you create content more effortlessly. Most platforms allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time allowing you to conquer a week or more at a time.


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