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Leadership Qualities/Managment Skills/Create Ideal Business Culture/Giving & Receving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity

Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending, previously Lummi CDFI, provides the following financial products:

  • Micro and small entrepreneurial loans.

  • Credit builder loans - NEW

  • Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) - NEW


Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending I is unique in nature, which the underwriting process looks both at an applicant's credit and character in consideration.  Our staff understands that most tribal members seeking a micro-enterprise loan do not have typical credit histories and need assistance to access and review their credit reports. Pacific Northwest Tribal Lending can help assist client in understanding the basics and important of credit management.


Lummi CDFI primarily serves the Lummi Nation.  While the Nation is within commuting distance from the city of Bellingham, Washington, a reasonably thriving community of 65,000, that has managed to adapt from the decline of the timber industry and canneries to a more service based economy, Lummi have had marginal benefit from the economic activity of the majority economy. 


Most Lummi members reside on the Lummi Reservation and in the surrounding environs of Whatcom County.  The reservation consists of about 20 square miles of upland and an additional 12 square miles of tidelands, and is about 20 miles south of the Canadian border;  However, on the Lummi Reservation only more than half are Lummi and the remaining are other (other Native or non-Native).

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